Welcome to the new Website!

Papa Bear Adventures has had a website for many years. We hope you like the updated version. As always, feedback is appreciated. Just use the contact form (Above)! Thanks for your patronage! Photos are ON THE WAY!! 🙂 In some ways its like saying goodbye to an old friend. The previous format had been with us for quite a few years. The new version gives us the ability to provide you with the latest details on our season as well as is up to date with the latest web standards.

Welcome to the new site !

Memories of the Hunt

One of the greatest things about our business is hearing the stories of the trips people take with us.  Here are a couple of just such stories, both are great reads, one is about the lifelong  dream of taking an Alaskan Yukon Moose and the other of a father taking his son out for his first moose hunt.




2011 Season Officially Complete

With our last hunters back from the field and most of the winterizing complete the 2011 season has come to a close.  We enjoyed another safe and very pleasant summer thanks to all the customers, guests and friends we had this year.  We finished up the season with our moose hunters having another very successful year.  I even got the opportunity to take a couple of days off to go bear hunting and fishing.  Also many thanks to our staff  (Boris, Randy, Mike, Bob, Robin and Willow) for all their hardwork.  Hope to see everyone back again next summer.  Look for us this winter at the ISE Sport show in Denver the first weekend of January, the Fly Fishing show in Somerset, NJ early February and the NWTF show in Nashville mid February.

Mid September Update

Our fishing season for 2011 officially ends today as we pick up our last group this afternoon.  All of the September groups have come back with big smiles reporting great fishing, good weather and an overall enjoyable adventure.  Several of our hunting groups have begun to return from the field and thus far all the groups have taken Moose and in addition several have also taken Black Bear.  If the trend continues and it should as we head into the 2nd half of the month we are looking at another very successful season.

September 11 Update

The fishing reports for all the September fishing groups has been nothing less than great.  I still say that this time of the year offers some of the best fishing along with the change of season.  Most opt to go earlier but those who choose this window are never disappointed.

Just starting to put out our moose hunters and the early groups are doing very well.  Being superstitious I hesitate at this point in saying how well things are going, lets just say things are shaping up to be very successful for all the hunters.

Early September Update

The wounded vets returned from their Kwethluk float unscathed but with big smiles on their faces.  The VFW held a special dinner for them the night they came off the river.  The waters are really starting to settle down finally and the early September fishing groups that have just returned are reporting real good Rainbow and Silver fishing.  One group that just got back from the Holitna also reported very good Grayling, Silver and Pike fishing.  Just started putting out our first groups of Moose hunters but seeing lots of nice bulls during scouting flights.  Very windy here for the next couple of days then Mother Nature is supposed to lighten up on us as we move into early Fall.

Mid August Report

We started out last week with a flurry of flying due to 3 straight days at the end of the previous week that we couldn’t get in the air due to Mother Nature.  We caught everything up by Monday evening and the weather has been in our favor ever since.  The rivers have all now pretty much recovered from the previous weeks blown out conditions and the fishing is heating up.  All the rivers are reporting great fishing for Silvers, Rainbows, Char and Grayling.  The Arolik is even getting a run of Pinks this year which is out of character as they normally don’t show except on even number years.  My brother and a friend are going out today with a group of wounded warriors to float the Kwethluk, I sure hope they have a great trip as they sure deserve it for the sacrifices they have made.  Moose season begins in 9 days, it is hard to believe fall is almost here already.

Finally a good stretch of weather

We are now experiencing some great weather for the 2nd straight day and it is forecasted to continue to be this way for the next couple of days.  Two groups returned yesterday.  One from the Kisaralik (reported excellent fishing, the lower river has murked up some because of all of the wet weather, but still caught Silvers at the pickup yesterday, also caught 91 fish in a one hour span at one point during their trip, refused to give me that particular location on the river).  The other group floated the Middle Fork of the Goodnews (reported great Rainbow, Dolly and Silver fishing,  said the Silvers were chrome bright, still had sea lice on them and really put up a good fight, several in the group were not used to the way Silvers fight and quickly found out about keeping their knuckles clear when the Silver made his run).  The combination of good weather and the Silvers entering the rivers should bode well for the current groups on the river and those heading out soon.

First week of August Update

Mother Nature decided to deal us a poor hand of weather this past week with fog, rain and wind.  We did see a few partial days of nice weather but all in all it was a cool damp blustery week.  Despite the weather all the returning groups are reporting great fishing.  A strong Dolly run on all the rivers are being reported along with great Grayling fishing.  The Rainbow fishing has been strong especially in the side channels where spawning Chums can be found.  The group that returned yesterday from the Kwethluk reported over the top Rainbow fishing.  The water levels are reported to be running higher, but water clarity is holding except in the lower parts of the rivers.  The forecast is calling for some more rain later today and tomorrow but a much needed drying out period is reported to be on the way by mid week.  Silvers are being reported to be starting in all the rivers all be it still in the lower parts of the rivers at this point.